3 Key Curtains & Draperies Design Insights for Award-Winning Designs

Keely Hersh, owner of and designer for Right at Home Interiors in Placerville, California, took home a second-place win in the Curtains & Draperies category at the 2020 International VISION Design & Workroom Competition Awards. The award, one of three Keely received, was given for the gorgeous array of window treatments she created as part of a modern living/dining room interior design project.

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Keely skillfully integrated these window treatments with the rest of the design and faced several challenges along the way. She contended with asymmetrical windows, high ceilings, and street-facing windows during the design process. In the end, however, she gave her client the dream living room and dining room she desired. Keely’s 25+ years of experience as a designer as well as her signature detail-oriented design approach helped her both satisfy her client and stand out at the VISION Design Awards.

Let’s look at three key curtains & draperies insights from Keely’s award-winning work that can help you achieve a beautiful design for your next project.

Curtains & Draperies Design Insights

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1. Choose the Right Fabrics

Keely loves to say, “the fabric is everything.” Her client wanted the space to have a dramatic, contemporary look. To achieve this with the window treatments, Keely designed inverted pleat drapery panels with three different fabrics. Her choice of fabrics included a bright modern print of dandelions for the top fabric and a luxurious gold silk for the bottom. These fabrics created a lovely color story for the client.

Hersh also designed a 4’’ banding in a contrasting blue-toned grey colored silk. She then sewed the banding on top of the other two fabrics. Keely chose this technique because it creates a smooth transition between the fabrics and eliminates any puckering. Each of the three fabrics has a similar weight and drape. This was important so that Keely could achieve soft ripple folds down the long drapery panels.

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2. Balance Function and Style

A great window treatment design has a balance of usefulness and beauty. In this design, the client’s room faced street-side, so Keely added sheers for privacy. The sheers also served to create an intimate dining experience. This pleased her client, who loves to entertain.

Keely achieved a sense of harmony in this design by integrating the window treatments with the rest of the modern look the client was after. While the curtains are sleek and elegant, they are also cheery and bright. They, along with the rest of the room, invite you to come in and stay awhile, which is exactly what the client wanted.

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3. Be Mindful of Window Treatment Placement

The space had high ceilings and multiple windows that Keely had to work with for this design. She tailored the drapes to frame the two largest windows on both sides. Keely also hung the drapes asymmetrically on the two smaller windows that are on the same long wall in each room, one to the left on the window in the living room and one to the right on the window in the dining room. She did this to make the windows appear wider. Her choice of placement created a dramatic, inviting look that completely satisfied her client.

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Make Your Space More Beautiful with Right at Home Interiors

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