Right At Home InteriorsImagine the feeling of walking into your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom to see stunning, tailor-made window coverings that reflect your style perfectly.

Think of touching your new, specially designed curtains and drapes with the knowledge that everything is exactly as you pictured it – or perhaps even better!

Envision a creative process so enjoyable that you feel inspired, energized, and confident that your finished product will enrich the feel of your entire home.

That’s what Keely offers at Right at Home Interiors.

What Exactly Is a Custom Window Treatment?

A window treatment is an addition to the window meant to enhance its overall look and functionality. There are hard treatments such as shutters, blinds, and shades, and there are soft treatments such as drapes, curtains, and valances. Your tailored drapery can hang from decorative hardware or functional rods, depending on the need of your home. All these components work together to create cohesive look that both adorns and protects your home.

Keely at Right at Home Interiors creates custom soft window treatments to fit each window and your personal style. She serves Sacramento homeowners from areas such as Placerville, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and beyond.

Right At Home InteriorsWhen you choose to work with Right at Home Interiors, your one-of-a-kind draperies become a striking feature in your home. Keely is an expert listener who is praised by her clients for her ability to translate their desires into designs that exceed their expectations.

A specially-made treatment for your windows from Right at Home Interiors is similar to a tailored gown created just for you. It’s designed shows off all the best features of your home’s windows.

From the style of your home, to the shape of the window, to the color palette, fabric, and trim, a custom-made window treatment is beautiful, detailed, and sure to fill you with joy every time you look at your finished product.

Why Do I Need Custom-Made Window Treatments?

Custom window treatments are essential to the overall wow-factor of your home. Gorgeous, tailored drapes, kitchen valances, café curtains, and more elevate the look of your entire space. But these impressive designs are more than just fashionable – they are functional as well. Options such as roman shades and drapery panels protect your furniture and belongings from the sun and keep your home cool on warm days.

Right at Home Interiors will help you design the perfect treatment for more tricky window shapes such as tall windows, arch windows, and bay windows. These uncommon-yet-magnificent window shapes provide the perfect canvas for Keely to work her magic and provide you with a product you’re proud of.

Whether created alone or combined with Keely’s interior design services, your beautiful window coverings will uplift and enrich both the style and comfort of your home. Her tailored treatments are the perfect partner to her custom soft goods such as bedding, pillows, or cushions.

Whether you’re looking to add living room drapes, kitchen curtains, bathroom shades, and more, a custom-made window treatment will take your home to a whole new level of stunning. It is a work of art that belongs only to you.

Right At Home InteriorsWhat Kind of Custom Window Treatments Do I Need?

When it comes to custom drapes, there are almost endless creative possibilities. Keely will help you discover the specific design and style that inspires you. With her masterful guidance, the process of designing and selecting the right treatment for you is exciting, educational, and empowering.

At your initial consultation, Keely is there with photos and information to help you find a direction that appeals to your style. She will also determine the right option for the size, shape, and layout of your windows.

Right at Home Interiors specifically works with soft window treatments, such as drapes, curtains, valances, sheers, and shades. In addition to your curtains and drapes, Keely will help you to select the best hardware option for your windows. Whether you are looking for ornate wood rods, rings, and finials or sleek contemporary metal zip rods with simple capped ends, the hardware chosen will complete the overall look of your treatment. Your finished product will go over and around your window to frame the architecture in the most beautiful way possible.

interior remodelingSome questions to think about before your consultation:

  • What sort of style am I drawn to? (Contemporary, Modern, Farmhouse, etc.)
  • What colors do I enjoy?
  • Do I desire something simple or intricate?
  • Which windows in my home would I like to have done? (For example, if your kitchen, nook, and family room is all one open space, you may want to have your family room drapes and kitchen valances designed to coordinate across all three areas for a cohesive design. Keely can help you determine what will be best.)
  • What sort of fabric am I interested in? Would I like texture, floral, modern print, or something else? (Keely specializes in fabric selection, so if you’re not sure – no worries! She will help you every step of the way.)
  • Do I need my window coverings to be functional, decorative, or both?

It’s alright if you don’t have the answers to all these questions (or even any of these questions!) Keely is here to help and to guide you. If you want someone who is invested in your happiness and is involved in the process from start to finish, then Keely at Right at Home Interiors is for you. Check out her design gallery here.

How Will My Made-to-Order Window Treatment Process Come Together?

Keely will be by your side all throughout the process to help you choose the perfect custom drapes for your windows. If you are in or near Folsom, Placerville, or El Dorado Hills, it all begins with a consultation at your home. If you are outside of the area, Keely will work with you to find the best consultation option for your needs.

valance and curtainAn Overview of Keely’s Process:

  1.   At your design consultation, Keely will show you photo samples of window treatments. You tell her what you love, and she will adapt a design for your space which could include drapery, curtain panels, kitchen valances, roman shades, café curtains, and more.
  2.   Based on the design plan that Keely develops, you will both shop for fabric, trims, and hardware for your project. (If you want to opt out of the shopping trip, that’s fine too, although it is one of her customer’s favorite parts of the experience!)
  3.   After ordered materials arrive at her drapery studio, Keely inspects them to verify quality and approve the shipments.
  4.   Next, she fabricates the materials for your project, using a combination of pattern making, sewing and board-mounted stapling.
  5.   After you both agree on a convenient installation date, Keely devotes the day before to ironing all of your products and loading them into the Right at Home Interiors delivery van.
  6.   When Keely and her installer are finished hanging your draperies and installing your specially made products, that’s when the “ta-da” moment happens!

If you have any questions about Keely’s process, please reach out to her here.

Right At Home InteriorsWhy Do I Want to Choose Right at Home Interiors for My Custom-Made Window Treatments?

For over 25 years Right at Home Interiors has created custom soft window treatments for Placerville, El Dorado Hills, and Folsom homes, as well as homes in the greater Sacramento area.

Keely understands that no two homes are alike – and no two clients are alike either! Her ability to really hear you and connect to your style allows her to create incredible window treatments that look and feel like you. With passion and purpose, Keely works with you to design magnificent curtains, drapes, valances, and more that truly represent who you are.

It is important to her to be involved in every aspect of the process. Keely tailors her products with expert care. Her hands-on approach and creative process ensures that your finished product is exactly as you desire.

Creating your custom-made draperies isn’t just a job to Keely – it’s a passion and a calling. She is a true artist, and it shows in her work. With Right at Home Interiors you don’t just receive a beautiful product, but a beautiful process as well.

Keely is a masterful designer, creator, and detail specialist who will deliver outstanding window treatments that truly inspire you. With her expert guidance, your custom draperies will truly make you feel Right at Home.

Contact Right at Home Interiors today to begin your journey toward gorgeous custom window treatments for your home.

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