Is Virtual Interior Design Right for Your Home?

Keely, owner of Right at Home Interiors, has been designing in-person and virtually for over 25 years. She is known for her attention to detail, her award-winning window treatments, and her ability to deliver beautiful results with your style in mind. Now, she offers virtual interior design services in addition to her in-person services.

Sewing room before
sewing room after design

Virtual design with Keely is a rewarding, exciting experience you can enjoy no matter where you live. Whether you want a small or large change to your space, Keely can work with you to come up with a design you’ll love. She is flexible in her communication style – she can work with you via text, phone, email, or a combination of all three – and will be available throughout the process for any questions you may have.

Right at Home Interiors Virtual Design Process

reupholstered chair right at home interiorsStep 1: Phone Consultation

Your virtual interior design process will begin with an initial 15-30 minute phone consultation. During the consultation, Keely will ask you questions about what you’re looking for, the type of space you have, and the overall scope of the project. Keely will explain the steps necessary to complete your project.

If you decide that Keely is a great fit for your needs, you can set up an appointment for an additional phone conversation to dive deeper into the specifics of the project.

full length custom curtainsStep 2: Brainstorming, Photos, and Estimate

Keely will ask for pictures of the space you want her to work on. She will then evaluate the photos and determine which measurements you will need to provide. These measurements are the foundation for what will become a beautiful finished product.

You will then have fun sending photographic inspiration back and forth until you hone in on the exact style you desire. Keely will also take into consideration any factors – such as budget or installation restrictions – before finalizing the design. Styles that are easy to deliver and install can still provide the look you want.

From there, she will put together an estimate for you. Once you approve the estimate then it’s time for Keely to get to work on the next stage of your project.

custom curtain rodStep 3: Shopping, Delivery, and Inspection

Shopping, delivery, and inspection differ based on whether Keely is providing Interior Design Services, creating Custom Made Products, or both. See below for a breakdown of the process for each category.

virtual interior design services - living roomA: Interior Design

This includes pieces that Keely will purchase directly, rather than custom make. Items in this category include: furniture, lighting, and accessories. Keely will shop for items based on the agreed-upon style and will send you photos of up to three options for you to choose from. Keely’s experience in the industry allows her to identify the best quality pieces for your budget that will look beautiful in your home.

Once you’ve selected your favorite, Keely will make the purchase and will have the item shipped directly to you for inspection. You will be so excited to receive these new pieces, and they will help you start to see the full vision of your transformed space.

custom bedding
custom designer curtains

B: Custom Made Products

This section includes items that Keely will make in her workroom such as: drapes, pillows, bedding, and cushions. You will have the opportunity to select the fabric options you desire before they are sent to Keely’s workroom for inspection and fabrication. She will then have the finished pieces delivered to your home.

country farmhouse kitchen design interior designStep 4: Virtual Install

This portion of the project is dependent upon what needs to be done, and your comfortability with DIY installation. You may choose to complete all the work yourself, or you can hire a trusted contractor for it. Keely has a list of vetted contractors she can offer if you would like help with installation.

Keely can provide photos and comprehensive, detailed instructions for you or the contractor to follow to install each piece. She will also be available by phone during the entire installation process for any questions you have.

Once the installation is complete, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautifully transformed space!

living room virtual interior designA Testimony to Keely’s Virtual Interior Design Process

As a recent client in Santa Barbara discovered, a virtually designed space can be just as beautiful as a space designed in person.

Keely crafted ten window coverings as well as table runners and pillows for her client. The install was completed with ease while Keely was hundreds of miles away, though she was available throughout the process for questions and concerns.

The client chose to hire a professional installer to complete the work. The installer left an overall review of “Two thumbs way up!” He also said he was “wowed” by her ability to create such detailed install plans without ever stepping foot in the space.

Likewise, the client had positive words to share upon seeing her completed work:

“I’m so happy with everything! The drapes and valances give such warmth and drama to my great room, kitchen, and nook.”

The success of this project is just one in a series of examples of Keely’s ability to create stunning results through virtual design services.

A photo from Keely's gardenStart Your Virtual Design Journey with Right at Home Interiors

The virtual design process can be a rich and rewarding experience that gives you lasting, beautiful results. If you’re thinking about redesigning aspects of your home, contact Keely at Right at Home Interiors today. Her virtual design services will ensure that you receive a superior finished design no matter where you live.