Decorative Hardware Ideas for Custom Window Treatments

Decorative hardware is an essential part of custom window treatment designs. Sometimes a traditional option like wood rods with matching finials does the trick. Sometimes, however, a designer’s imagination and eye for detail work together to find non-traditional hardware ideas.

Each of these 12 decorative hardware ideas by Keely Hersh (owner and designer of Right at Home Interiors) shows you how to get creative with the hardware choices for your next custom window treatment project. Ready to be inspired? Then, let’s go!

1. Shop for Decorative Hardware at an Antique Store

Farmhouse LaundryThis scroll hardware was found in an antique store. Keely cut off portions of the metal rod and had a new solid iron rod welded onto the two beautiful scroll pieces. She positioned the scrolls to create an arched effect that added a soft detail to the top of the valance. The scroll detailing adds height to the window and drama to the room.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “Sometimes you need more than a straight rod in a design. The scrolls create an arched shape that you just can’t get with a straight rod. Sometimes you don’t have room to go up as high as you might want to with a straight rod, but with curved arches I was able to make the window treatment look much taller in a tight space. It takes different shapes and angles to give you that extra lift.”

2. Use Swag Brackets

swag bracket hardwareThe hardware for this design is a series of Bordeaux swag brackets in European Walnut Gold from Antique Drapery Hardware. When Keely found them, she knew that they would work perfectly for her design. The repetitive pattern of the multiple brackets is pleasing to the eye. The drapes also feature inverted pleats, which is the client’s desired style.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “I worked with Antique Drapery Rod to find something in their catalogue that looked like what I wanted. I had a picture for inspiration and shared that with them, which helped the search. I knew I wanted the hooks to look like an acanthus leaf, and ADR had something in their catalog that I missed. It goes to show that being willing to call and work directly with a company can sometimes result in the perfect hardware for your design.”

3. Use Flower Basket Hooks as Decorative Hardware

flower basket hooks as hardware in french widow treatment designThese striking little rosette hooks were found in a home décor shop. They were originally intended to be used to hang flower pots outside but work beautifully as decorative rosettes to tie the drapes on. Keely carefully planned out the design for the ribbon ties in a staggered pattern so as not to interfere with the front swag of the drapes.

It took 30 hooks to complete this New French Country family room design—so many that Keely had to work with the manager of the home décor shop to find enough!

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “It’s important to pick hardware that looks like it goes together—something that can be challenging when working with non-traditional hardware. The client loved birds, so I found black iron bird tie-backs from Ballard Design to complement the black iron hooks.”

4. Mix Different Types of Decorative Hardware

Farmhouse Cottage Dining RoomThe rose finials in this white-on-white design are intricate, delicate, and beautiful. They really look like a rose. They, along with the rings, are from Byron and Byron, but the rod and decorative brackets are from ADR.

Keely chose to mix the design elements partially because she knew she wanted to hang the brackets from a slanted ceiling. She purchased brackets that were meant to mount on a vertical wall, but the large size of the brackets allows the rod to sit securely even at such a sharp angle.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “This is a white-on-white look. It’s all about texture when you do white-on-white. The wall’s ball trim as well as the brackets, rose, rings, moulding, and ceiling all have different texture. This creates a dynamic, visually appealing look and allows all the colors in the drapes to pop.

5. Find (or Make!) a One-of-a-Kind Rod

craft room one of a kind scroll hardware

This design is so spectacular it won Keely a first-place award for decorative hardware at the VISION International Design Awards. Keely found this one-of-a-kind scroll hardware on the floor of an Oregon antique shop. When she saw them, she knew they were something special. She had new brackets welded on and repainted them a pretty teal color to match the client’s craft room.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “I found this in an antique store and refurbished it, but if you love something like this you could have it custom-made at a metal shop. You just have to design it and work with the metalsmith. A project like that would be the perfect opportunity to work with a designer who can help you through the process, so you end up with exactly what you want.”

6. Keep it Traditional

classic traditional rod acanthus leafeThis is a very traditional formal rod with a gold overlay on the mahogany finish. It suits the client’s formal dining room. The finial is an acanthus leaf, which flows with the gold silk drapes and red silk border. A bold wall and ceiling color and modern art choices keep the room looking fresh.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “The rod and finial were not the place for a modern moment. My client’s dining room set has an old-world style, and that needed to be highlighted rather than ignored by the hardware. I chose the traditional rod and finial to echo and complement the furniture. That choice allows the design to come full circle as a traditional look while allowing for some more modern touches throughout the room.”

7. Use an Array of Drapery Tie-Backs

swag brackets repetition hardware

These three striking pieces of hardware were meant to be used individually as tie-backs for curtains and drapes. Keely saw the potential in their repetitive swooping pattern and decided to use them as a heading across the top of her design. Then, she tied on the drapes. The tied-on drapes allowed Keely to create a bell-shaped flip-out with the fabric for a soft, elegant look at the top. The result is stunning.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “Keep an eye out for scroll metal hardware – much of it is not specifically designed to be used as drapery hardware. But that doesn’t matter! You can choose one, two, three, even five pieces of hardware and combine them as I did here to create a pleasing pattern no one else will have.”

8. Try a Lucite Finial with Bubbles

Lucite finial modern rod
This modern look is very on-trend. With a light wall color behind it, the clear, sleek finial is a sophisticated choice. This design shows that subtle hardware can still have major impact in a room. The slick texture of the finial and the brushed finish on the rod add an inviting feel to this modern living room.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “I used a light wall color for a softer style, but you could also create a high-contrast look by selecting a dark paint color for the wall behind the finial. This would make the clear, bubbled finial really pop for added drama in your room.”

9. Consider Decorative Hooks

floral hooks hardwareWhen you go to select your decorative hardware, don’t neglect regular hooks from home stores. Keely found these hooks in a décor shop and painted them to match the valance fabric. Once mounted, these sweet floral decorative hooks became one of the star features of the design.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “If you’re on a tight budget but still want something special, consider non-traditional hardware like decorative hooks. You can often find truly beautiful hardware options at great prices if you’re willing to think outside the box. You might need to flex your imagination to figure out how to repurpose them for your needs, but then again, that’s what a designer is for!”

10. Use a Classic French Country Black Iron Rod in a New Way

classic black iron rodThis classic black iron rod sells a French country style. The stark black rod has traditional Fleur-De-Lis finials on the ends. While the hardware itself is traditional, the choices Keely made for the rest of the window treatment design give it just enough of a modern touch to look fresh in the room.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “I was able to create a look that makes it appear as though the rod is running right through the fabric. This design is a reminder that you can get a “wow” moment from a classic rod if you use it in a new or unexpected way.”

11. Curate Antique Knobs

knobs used for hardwareThe client for this design specifically wanted antique knobs for her decorative hardware. Keely found this single piece, which was not an antique, but still fulfilled the client’s desires. The distressed element added that antique look she wanted.

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “If you can’t find a whole piece like this one to use, select matching or complementary knobs instead. You might even enjoy playing with color and size for a more eclectic, mismatched look.”

12. Go for This On-Trend Rose Bud Finial

rosebud finialThese ball finials covered in tiny rosebuds are truly something special. Keely shipped these finials in from England—the only place to find them at the time. (Now Keely can buy them from Fabricut if you want them for your next project!)

Keely’s Takeaway Tip: “These finials are definitely an on-trend choice. You can use them in a breakfast nook, a garden room, or an airy sun room. Just imagine them in any space where fresh flower bouquets are likely to be displayed.”

Decorative Hardware is Just the Beginning!

If you want beautiful custom window treatment designs featuring gorgeous decorative hardware in your home, Keely from Right at Home Interiors wants to hear from you! Contact her to set up a consult to discuss your design project. Virtual design options are available.