Simple Interior Design Ideas to Perk Up Your Home

Have you been feeling like it’s time to change up the look of your space? While you may want to completely redesign your home, you may also find that there are plenty of smaller changes you can make to create a new look you’ll love. Here are a few simple interior design ideas to perk up your home.

These tips are perfect if you want to bring new life to your home without investing in a complete redesign. You may be surprised at how big a difference a small change can make. Let’s get started!

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Simple Interior Design Tips to Perk Up Your Home

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Invest in New Furniture

A few new pieces of furniture can give your home a brand-new look. If you have a sofa, chairs, or tables that are worn out, replace them with updated pieces in colors, textures, and finishes that speak to your style. You may also choose to reupholster your current pieces – like your dining room chairs – to create a new look without replacing the furniture itself.

contemporary living room interior designWhen you shop for new furniture, there are multiple factors to consider. First of all, you want the new pieces to feel proportionate to each other, and to the room. Second, it is important to think about the other elements of the space. Will your furniture complement your current decor, or will you need to think about updating the space with new accessories as well?

simple interior design idea for updated family roomA third thing to consider is the flow of the room. How will you position your furniture? It’s easy to fall in love with several living or dining room pieces, only to discover that they would overcrowd the space. Again, careful measuring and floor planning will help you select the right pieces.

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Order Some Custom Pillows

You can bring an inexpensive and fresh look for your bedroom, living room, or family room simply by updating your pillows. Tired, out-of-shape pillows can drag the entire room down. Change them out for new, fun patterns, colors, and textures that reflect your style.

modern living room redesignIt’s one thing to shop for off-the-rack pillows – it’s another thing to have them custom-made specifically for you. Work with a designer to select fabric options that match your current decor. You can have so much fun choosing the shapes, sizes, and details that will complement your current furniture, curtains, bedding, and more. There’s nothing quite like custom pillows – you can enjoy them knowing that they have been made especially for you.

custom designed pillows and soft goods(At Right at Home Interiors, Keely offers quality feather pillow forms and does not add zippers to increase the comfortability of the pillows. You can learn more about Keely’s custom pillows services here.)

Find a Great Area Rug

A new area rug can transform the look of a room. If you have a rug that needs replacing, or if you’ve never invested in an area rug before, now is a great time to select a piece that elevates your space. This is a cost-effective way to tweak the rooms of your home without any major overhauls.

french country dining roomWhen you consider which rug to choose, remember to look at style, color, texture, pattern, and durability. How much traffic will it receive? Is it for a formal or casual space? Will the rug you love flow with the rest of the room? Ask yourself these questions as you shop to ensure you choose the best rug for your particular space.

Eclectic Design ideaWhen it comes to rugs, it’s easy to pick the wrong size. Before you shop, consider which pieces of furniture you will need to place on or around the rug. For example, if you’d like to get a new area rug for under your dining room table, ensure that the rug is large enough so that the dining room chairs won’t run off the edge of the rug when they’re pulled back. You want your guests to feel like they’re on even ground!

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If you love your furniture, rugs, and pillows but you still feel like certain rooms of your house could use a little more design, think about some new accessories. This is where you can really let your personality shine. Consider new light fixtures, vases, picture frames, wall art, centerpieces, and more.

decorate shelves in farmhouse kitchenFor a very simple change that can still have a big impact, clear off all your bookshelves or display cabinets and rearrange them. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes simply to change the display. You can even raid your cabinets for fun pieces you may have forgotten about and add them to your shelves for an updated look. Plates, small pieces of art, and groupings of framed family photos can be used to create a dynamic end result that brings a freshness to your space.

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Spruce Up Your Space with Right at Home Interiors

Implementing a few simple interior design tips can make all the difference! Discover the best way to enhance your space with guidance from Keely at Right at Home Interiors. She will help you make simple changes that will have a large impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Contact Keely to set up an appointment today. Virtual design is available!