How Sherwin Williams Paint Colors Led to a First-Place International VISION Magazine Design Award

Keely Hersh, owner and designer of Right at Home Interiors in Placerville, CA, had no intention of winning a first place International VISION Design Award when she began the design process on her client’s craft room. Her only goal was to transform the space in to a bright, cheerful room that would inspire her client every day. When she completed the design – complete with Sherwin Williams paint colors – she felt it was a real standout and decided it would make a fantastic entry to the VISION Design Awards.


She was right in her thinking. Along with two second-place wins for other projects, Keely landed a first-place win for this design. Let’s look at three factors she believes set her design apart.


1. Decorative Hardware: An Antique Rod Becomes the Star

The rods that landed her first place in the Decorative Hardware and Trim category did not look like much when the work began. They were bare metal, missing parts, and stuffed in a corner on the floor of an antique store in Portland, Oregon. Many shoppers would’ve walked right by the rods. When Keely spotted them, however, she knew they were something special.


When it came time to hang the rods, she had custom brackets welded up and sourced drapery rings that would fit and slide into position. That took care of the structural issues, but still left the problem of the color.


2. Sherwin Williams Paint: A Major Hero of the Design

For the rods to work with the rest of the design, the right paint was necessary. Keely chose the Sherwin Williams paint color “Aquarium (SW6767)” to match the color of the rods perfectly to the teal drapery fabric the client adored. That one design decision elevated the space – and the rods themselves – to a higher level than would have otherwise been achievable.

The rods were a clear differentiator for Keely in this design. They worked beautifully with the custom window treatments she created for the space.

Keely continued her use of Sherwin Williams paint colors throughout the rest of the space. She chose the colors “Extra White (SW7006)” for the hand-sanded wooden beams and “Spa (SW6765)” to paint the upper accent wall. The cool-yet-bright paint choices helped to create a vibrant energy in the room.


3. Attention to Detail: Keely’s Secret Weapon

Keely is known for her detail-oriented approach, and this design was no different. She meticulously selected everything in the room including the matching rose cording on the roman shade and drapery edge. She also repurposed a piece of architectural art as a grate on the supply cabinet door.


Keely made sure every component of the design was executed to a high level, right down to the opacity of the paint on the wood beams. The room’s accent chair and matching pillow set a pleasant, uplifting mood.


The crown moulding shelf she installed all the way around the room is the perfect perch for her client’s watering can collection. She even had the corner cabinet hand-stenciled inside and out to add a sweet floral touch to the finished room.

For Keely, the combination of Sherwin Williams paint colors, a keen eye for unusual hardware, and her detail-oriented nature made all the difference with this project. Her design shows that even an object with humble beginnings can become a show-stopping centerpiece worthy of international recognition.

A Satisfied Client Means a Successful Design

Winning first-place is wonderful. Yet, Keely’s true joy is found in her clients’ happiness and satisfaction. If you’re looking for a detail-oriented, client-focused interior designer to help you transform your space, share your design idea with Keely today. Virtual interior design is available.