6 On-Trend Ideas for Fabric Roman Shades

Matching plaid Roman shade soft window treatments

Designer fabric Roman shades are one of the most popular soft window treatments around, and have been so since they were invented by the ancient Romans! You may be asking, what is it about this simple style that has been around for literally thousands of years that keeps the Roman shade in high demand?

You’ve come to the right place to find the answer: Keely Hersh with Right at Home Interiors is nothing short of an expert on this timeless classic soft shade – she’s even won awards for her designer fabric Roman shades.

Currently, the flat Roman shade is the on-trend style: it is a flat shade that folds on itself like an accordion, often made with designer fabrics that really set a room apart. These soft shades can be made to custom fit your windows with either inside- or outside-mounts to create different looks and levels of light control. Distinct fabrics, shapes, layers, and embellishments can create an endless number of possibilities! Here are some stunning examples of different ways to style the classic Roman Shade for your own home:

1. Designer Fabrics Elevating Roman Shades

Three french door Roman shades with accent drape
Roman shade paired with decorative drape
Detail of Roman shade tassel trim
Delightful tassel trim detail on the Roman shade

Every aspect of the Roman shade can be customized! This beautiful duo of soft window treatments is not only a stunning feature in this room; it also works in harmony with the natural light the window brings into the room. To achieve this, Keely fabricated the Roman shade from a fabric that’s light in both color and weight to allow the natural light to flow into the space. Ornate details, like the tassels and the accent curtains, connect the Roman shade to the overall style of the room to create a beautiful calming space.

Bold emblem motif Roman shade
Statement Roman shade for a bedroom

This designer fabric Roman shade was created with a bold woven cotton that features a striking organic emblem motif. Not only is the shade visually stunning, its outside-mount provides superb light control for this bedroom. The decorative wood rod frames the window with both the Roman shade and accompanying blue silk drapes, which were attached to the rod with an intricate tab-top treatment.

2. Roman Shades, French Doors and More!

Hot pink ticking tape Roman shade on door
A bold-colored privacy shade

This shade was made with a hot pink ticking stripe fabric that adds a stylish flair to this exterior door. Here, the shade is pulled only one-third of the way up. It can be pulled up or down for a look that can be constantly customized. Keely also mounted this shade to the top of the door – a detail only a designer would know follows the right trend! The knowledge and skill of a professional designer is truly invaluable in any soft window treatment journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

Blue roman shades in laundry room
Contrasting Roman shades making a splash
Blue roman shades in laundry room pulled down
Shades are beautiful opened or closed!

Here, this laundry room looking out onto the pool has two functional blue designer fabric Roman shades with layered tassel trim. The shades on the door and window match each other, and the window also includes a botanical fabric valance that incorporates all the colors of the room – including the gorgeous deep red walls! The valance hangs from a decorative rod, as well, which mirrors the curves of the chandelier. The beauty truly lies in the function of these shades: they take on different looks whether pulled up or down. The natural light streams through the weave of the fabric, highlighting its beautiful texture.

Plaid roman shade on door
The Roman shade that brings it all home!
Matching plaid Roman shade soft window treatments
The coordinating drapes and Roman shades

Keely’s client chose this style of Roman shade for the entire room, except for their door! Thanks to Keely, they learned that including the door can and will tie the entire room together. It’s easy to forget the door, but luckily Keely was there to help create a space that was completely cohesive. The cream and taupe plaid fabric is the same fabric as all the window treatments in the room, creating a coordinated look. This on-trend geometric pattern is preserved with careful construction from the designer!

Tan and blue Roman shades on a pair of French doors
The classic patio-striped Roman shade

Designer fabric Roman shades on set of French doors are a timeless soft window treatment that’s always on-trend! These shades were created with a woven cotton fabric that creates a smart, sharp look with its crisp stripes.

3. Dramatic Combinations of Roman Shades and Drapes

Roman shade with decorative side panel
Elegant layering with drapes

This window features a clever inside-mounted Roman shade. Above is a transom window that brings more natural light into this eclectic space. Even higher still, almost reaching the ceiling, is a luxurious silk drapery panel that accentuates both windows as well as the room’s eccentric 12-foot ceiling height! This drape hangs from an ornate wooden rod that adds both detail and drama to the space. Combined, the Roman shade, the drape, and the decorative wood rod work together to create a one-of-a-kind combination that evokes a feeling of pure luxury.

Roman shade with decorative teal panel
Crafting exciting soft window treatments
Detail of pink Roman shade and teal side panel
Decorative hardware adding flair

A creative space calls for creative window treatments: this craft room features a hot pink striped designer fabric Roman shade paired with a linen teal drapery panel. The drapery hangs from an ornate teal rod made with swirl-shaped hardware and mimics the organic shapes painted on the cabinet to the right of it. The curtain itself even has a hot pink trim along the teal edge to create a fun and cohesive look! The Roman shade functions to control the amount of light coming into the room for an optimal creative environment in addition to the cheerful and inspiring colors of the soft shade and curtain.

4. Valances in the Style of Roman Shades

Floral decorative Roman shade styled valance
French country kitchen valance

Created for a French country style home, this elegant valance is styled like a Roman Shade. In this case, this valance adds a feminine flair to the window above the client’s kitchen sink with its pattern and detail. Customized elements include the graceful floral chintz, the small button accents, and the contrast fabric that peeks through the pleats. The soft shapes of these folds add a delicate cozy touch to the window – and the entire room!

Floral and plaid Roman shade style valance with swags and cascades
Personality with a swag valance and Roman shade

This design of floral swags, cascades, and designer fabric Roman shade all work together to create an intricate valance that hangs artfully over the kitchen sink. The soft shade was then detailed with ornate teapots– a true mark of personalization! These teapots were handmade especially for a client that collects teapots, and make a sweet and cheery addition to this window.

Stylized black floral valance with tan Roman shade
Traditional valance with clever design details

A sophisticated red and black floral valance was fabricated in a tailored style of pleated cascades that fit perfectly over the tan Roman shade beneath it. The tassels on the Roman shade cleverly mimic the ornate ticking tape that lines the edge of the valance! Together, both soft window treatments add a striking element to the room. This window treatment is proof that the right design choices can truly steal the show!

5. Trims, Tassels, and Accents Galore!

Blue Roman shade detail with wooden bead trim
Trim with beads, please!

This tailored blue linen Roman shade created by Keely is the 2022 Fabricut Trim Contest Winner! The intricate wood bead tassel trim was sewn onto the shade, allowing the beads to dangle below. The tape portion of the trim features an ombre weave of soft whites and blues. The wooden bead trim was sewn on to highlight the ornate V-shaped threads, once again creating an interesting variety of textures as a finishing detail for the shade.

Tan Roman shade with sewn on tassels
Woven textures for Roman shades.

Sewn directly to the bottom edge of this designer fabric Roman shade is a playful trim. Tassels in shades of gray and tan with small beads were sewn on to add a variety of visually interesting textures. The fabric has a natural basket weave which adds an organic twist to the overall look of the shade!

Detail of Roman shade trim
Romantic details from tassel trims.

A contrasting blue ornate decorative tape on this cream Roman shade features a motif of small cream stitches that creates a delicate pattern. The tan and blue tassels add a soft texture to the Roman shade while they dance in the daylight. The soft folds in the Roman shade, along with the gentle shades of cream and blue, evoke feelings of calmness with their beauty.

Now that we’ve covered the designer details of styling a Roman shade, let’s take a look at a couple of Keely’s award-winning designs! These designs are inspirational and innovative, showing that there are no limits when it comes to soft window treatments!

6. Award-Winning Designer Fabric Roman Shades

Blue Roman shade in a home office
Roman shades for inspiring work spaces.
Tassel trim detail on home office Roman shade
Details of diamond-weave pattern and tassels

The home office is quickly becoming a staple in American homes, and like all other rooms, they deserve beauty and personality. This Roman shade created for a home office won Keely the 2021 Vision Design award in the Soft Shade category! It was made with an eye-catching weave in the fabric that creates an ornate diamond pattern. At the bottom of the shade is a beautiful tassel trim that’s full of accenting details and has its own playful quality.

Fabricut Trim design contest winner
Fabricut’s Trim Contest Winning Design

Keely’s 2022 Fabricut Trim Contest winning design is one that’s worth revisiting! We know that trims can be beautiful additions to the Roman shade itself, but what about its accompanying drapery? This red and cream floral drape adds some beautiful contrast to the overall look of the window, but the trims are what tie everything all together! The drapery’s leading edge has a beautiful blue bead trim with a ribbon scalloped edge sewn between a faux red welt and a sheer pleated edge. The blue bead trim on the floral drape coordinates with the blue Roman shade and connects all the colors to one and other. What’s truly innovating about this design is that the blue bead trim is usually used horizontally along the bottom edge of a shade or valance – but Keely chose to use it vertically on the contrasting curtain as a unifying element! Working with designers like Keely can ensure that fresh ideas are introduced to your room for a beautiful space.

There are endless ways to style a Roman shade!

As you can see, it’s possible to customize a Roman shade’s every detail to fit your personal style! Working with a professional award-winning designer like Keely Hersh can ensure that your vision is perfectly realized. We hope you feel inspired by these designs, and are ready to start your own shade projects!

If you want beautiful custom designer fabric Roman shades featuring gorgeous designer fabric in your home, Keely owner of Right at Home Interiors wants to hear from you! Contact her to set up a consult to discuss your design project. Virtual design options are available.