6 Steps to Winning Fabricut’s Trim Contest: From Mood Board to Window Treatment Design

Design contest announcement

Right at Home Interiors’ Big Win!

Sometimes as a designer, I come across an opportunity that is so truly special and exciting, I just can’t wait to take a shot at it! Whether that design challenge is 13 foot drapes for a special client, the opportunity to work with an exclusive fabric, or in this case, a new type of a design contest – I can’t wait to share my experiences with fellow design enthusiasts! Today I’m going to share with you the story of winning the Fabricut Trim Contest, and the six steps it took to create the final window treatment from the winning mood board:

Step 1: Creating the Mood Board and Design

It feels like just yesterday I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and admiring the work of my fellow interior designers, when I stumbled upon a unique contest with an intriguing concept. Fabricut, the leading fabrics authority in the USA, was hosting a special contest: designers were invited to create a mood board highlighting Fabricut’s trims in new and exciting ways! Viewers and fellow designers could vote for the most striking mood board. After carefully considering my choices in beautiful trims from an incredible selection, I conceived a concept mood board and proposed design:

Colorful mood board with trims and design

I combined a bold red, a soft blue, and a gentle cream to create an enticing combination of colors that could add a pop to any space! I selected my two favorite trims: Fabricut’s Madrid/Bluebell Bead trim and Vern Yip’s 03322/Ocean Wood Bead trim. Designer fabrics were chosen to go along with the trims, and I also included a curtain ring to represent the hardware and finish that would be used. I included a sketch of my final vision: dramatic drapes paired with a custom soft shade dressed with playful Fabricut trims! Now it was up to my Instagram followers and fellow interior design enthusiasts to pick the most enticing mood board.

Step 2. Fabricut Announces the Winner!


Winning design announcement

When I saw this Instagram post, I was absolutely ecstatic to learn that I’d won the contest! This was especially exciting considering how unusual this contest was: the mood board was submitted first, and then the winner was to create the window treatment design from the mood board! It was wonderful to win the mood board contest, but the excitement had to be saved for later – it was time for me to get to work and create the beautiful draperies I’d envisioned!

Once my mood board had been selected the winner, I only had a couple of months to produce a final product. That was an intense timeframe for me as a small business owner, and I knew I had to get this window treatment onto the work room roster right away! I wanted to fabricate this window treatment design in record time for all the voters to see my completed vision!

Step 3: Seaming a Bold Fabric Print

Seaming the Bold Fabric

The drapes came first: after taking careful measurements of the window, I began with a beautiful red and cream floral designer fabric! I had to be especially attentive to the large pattern repeat of the fabric to match the pattern at the seam; this step is a definite must! These weren’t going to be your average drapes – I wanted them to be grandiose and dramatic by using Fabricut’s trims with floor-to-ceiling height!

Step 4: Using Trims as a Drapery Edge Detail

Once I had the widths of beautiful fabrics seamed for the floor-to-ceiling drapes, adding the playful bluebell trim was just the right touch to add texture and visual intrigue to the drapes.  A special finishing touch like this Fabricut trim can truly complete my entire vision! What was special about my design, though, was the way in which I chose to use these dainty blue beads: I chose to sew Fabricut’s bluebell bead trim between a faux red welt and gauzy pleated edge along the leading edge of the drape; this leading edge created a contrasting background to emphasize the dashing blue beads. This was an important element in showcasing the blue bead trim!

Leading edge and hardware designUsually, this type of trim is attached so it hangs horizontally, but I used it along the leading edge of the drapes vertically. I placed the trim so that the light still catches the beads and adds the perfect glow. The beads on this trim add so much dimension to the drapes that could not be accomplished another way!

Step 5: Accentuating a Soft Shade with Vern Yip’s Trim

I didn’t stop with drapes alone for the window treatment – I chose to pair these fabulous drapes with a custom designer-made Roman shade! This allowed the red and cream drapes to frame the window, while the contrasting blue Roman shade makes a tailored statement. Pairing soft window treatments, such as drapes and Roman shades, gives my clients a variety of functions and beauty!

The blue color I chose for the Roman shade coordinates with the Bluebell trim used on the drapes. Repeating colors throughout a design ensures a pulled-together look! Just like the drapes, the Roman shade needed a special trim detail to tie the colorful window treatments all together.

Detail of Vern Yip's Wooden Bead Trim

I added Vern Yip’s Trend wood bead trim with blue tape along the bottom edge of the roman shade. The trim stands out against the blue linen and really makes the design sing! I chose to sew the tape one inch above the bottom edge of the Roman shade, so the V-shaped threads that hold the beads would be more visible against the blue linen. The tape itself is made of a beautiful ombre of threads that enhances the blue linen fabric! Finally, the shape of the wooden beads add just the right amount of organic texture to the design.

Step 6: The Big Reveal!

What was once a blank dining room nook became alive with color, from this custom award-winning deisgn! I revealed this traditional-with-a-twist design featuring exciting Fabricut trims, a contrasting color scheme, and gorgeous designer fabrics in my client’s dining room nook! Once the install was completed, I brought my winning mood board to life with a the perfect combinations of Fabricut trims. All of my window treatments are custom designed, and while none of my treatments are ever alike, this window treatment design was truly like no other!

Winning blog post

This opportunity from Fabricut was an extremely rewarding experience, and the honor to participate in and win this contest has brought many opportunities. When selecting fabric and trim combinations, you know your design choice is right when you look at it and don’t have to think about it anymore – you just know it goes together. And when it works, the result can be dazzling! The client was thrilled with the design, and I was happy to have fabricated it for her. Thanks you, Fabricut, for all of the wonderful trim and fabric options to choose from! Click here to see Fabricut’s blog post announcing my winning design and mood board.

If you’re interested in a beautiful custom designed soft window treatment for your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or for information about a consultation! I can be contacted here.