Fall ’22 One Room Challenge: The Height of Modern Cottage | Week 8 | THE BIG REVEAL!

The Height of Modern Cottage Design Week 8: THE BIG REVEAL IS FINALLY HERE!!

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Welcome to My Fall ’22 One Room Challenge Featuring Bold Design Choices in a Modern Cottage Style

This is it! The BIG REVEAL!! I’ve shared every step along the way of my “Height of Modern Cottage” design journey. Now, it’s time to show you the finished look!

Thank you ORC for hosting this wonderful event and I’m excited to cheer on all the other participants as we all share our finished designs! (Psst…after you’re done reading my story, head over to the ORC Blog Page to read about the other guest participants’ designs.)

This has been the biggest design journey I’ve ever gone on! If you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up-to-date with everything I’m doing for One Room Challenge and beyond!

If you are inspired by my design and want to connect with me further, reach out to me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

My “Height of Modern Cottage” Design REVEALED! It’s SHOWTIME!

1) Entryway

2) Living Room

3) Transitional Space and Hallway

My “Height of Modern Cottage” design is complete! The transformation is DRAMATIC and I’m brimming with excitement to share it with you. THE WAIT IS OVER! Without further ado (drum roll please…!) here’s the BIG REVEAL!!!! Woohoo!!

1) Entryway: A Bright and Breezy Welcome to My “Height of Modern Cottage” Design!


I wanted a warm and welcoming environment from the moment you open my front door, and here it is! My entryway greets all who enter with rich pops of color, sumptuous fabrics, custom furniture, and architectural detail.

My new “giddyup” table sits proudly in my new entryway with my mirror from Ballard Designs and a set of vintage prints from Chairish. I love the way my special sanding technique brought a cute cottage flair to my blue console table!

Entryway Before and After: A Dramatic Transformation!

The before photo: I’m still amazed at how different my entryway used to look!
Bright, cheery, and beautiful! I love how the new sweeping white wall panels accentuate the height of the ceiling – my entryway feels so much bigger now!

Modern Flair Meets Classic Cottage

My Entryway Features an Innovative Built-In Bench With Architectural Cottage Details

My combination of a bold blue hydrangea print and red, white, and blue fern striped fabric courtesy of Thibaut creates a striking focal point in my entryway.

Surprise Details Make All the Difference!

Peek-a-boo! Each of these drawers features a different wallpaper print courtesy of Thibaut. What a fun surprise when you open the drawer!

This is just the first of my THREE newly design rooms! The big reveal of my LIVING ROOM and HALLWAY are next!

Sponsor Highlight: Paint & Petals

Original artwork and prints brighten my entryway and living room with verve and pizzaz!

Sponsor Highlight: Ballard Designs

Accessories and adornments galore from Ballard Designs add a sense of playful refinement to my modern cottage style!

2) Living Room: French Flair Brings Je Ne Sais Quoi with Window Treatments, Rich Mouldings, Custom Furniture and More!


Where do I even BEGIN with my living room transformation?! Every minute of hard work my team and I put into this design is SO worth it now that my living room is complete and ready to be enjoyed for years to come! My living room is airy, joyful, and bursting with European charm!

Living Room Before and After: A STUNNING Change!

I loved my living room before, but I was so excited to give it a totally new look!
The way the new walls emphasize the height of my ceilings is one of my favorite parts of my design. It feels like the ceiling just goes on for days!

On-Trend Alert! Beautiful Reds, Whites, and Blues!


This window wall was once only 8 feet tall. With the addition of multiple layers of moulding and trim – including a custom dental trim – I raised the whole front facade to 9 feet and beyond with the vaulted ceiling! My grand walls really bring home my “Height of Modern Cottage” design and act as the perfect backdrop for my bold and on-trend red, white, and blue color palette.

My Entertainment Center: A Star Feature!

My master carpenter, Bill Mott, hand-crafted my new entertainment center. The rich details and elegant design make it one of my prized possessions in my “Height of Modern Cottage” design.
Surprise! I covered the entire inside of my entertainment center in cherry blossom grasscloth wallpaper courtesy of Thibaut. The unexpected POP of red gives the entire living room a modern boost!

Entertainment Center Before and After: From Bare Wall to Boast-Worthy!

My bare wall is about to be reimagined with trim work!
I still can’t believe I get to enjoy my new entertainment center and my living room every day now. WOW! Such a dream come true!

Two Looks in One! A Modern Blue Moment on the Left and A Classic Cottage Red Look on the Right!

I just HAD to make two sets of cushions and two sets of pillows for my “Height of Modern Cottage” design! I have a modern blue look and a classic red cottage look to choose from. When I’m ready for a new look I just switch out the pillows and cushions and voila!

Chairs and Upholstery: Fresh Traditional Prints Enhance My Vibrant Living Room

My Husband’s Newly Reupholstered Plaid Chair and My Tufted Ottoman Sit Pretty Amidst Multiple Custom Pillows and Custom Blanket Throw

Window Treatments: Show-Stopping Fabric Adds European Charm to My “Height of Modern Cottage” Design


Grand Windows Are Given the Star Treatment with Meticulously Crafted Drapes, Roman Shades, and Custom Repurposed Hardware!

Striking Accessories Jazz Up My New “Height of Modern Cottage” Design!

Sponsor Highlight: Thibaut

Euro-chic fabrics and wallpaper take my design to greater heights with bright and unexpected pops of color

Sponsor Highlight: Spoonflower / Danika Herrick

Blue and white trellis print fabric designed by Danika Herrick anchors my “Height of Modern Cottage” design.

Special Shoutout: Sherwin-Williams

From the semi-gloss white paint on my floor-to-ceiling wall panels to rich blues and reds on my new custom furniture, Sherwin-Williams delivered high-quality paint products I could trust every time.

An On-Trend Red, White, and Blue Color Palette Featuring Sherwin-Williams Paint for My “Height of Modern Cottage” Design:

  • Pure White (SW7005)
  • Snowdrop (SW6511)
  • Leisure Blue (SW6515)
  • Downpour (SW6516)
  • Regatta (SW6517)
  • Poinsettia (SW6594)

3) Transitional Space and Hallway: Elegant Recessed Paneled Walls Soar with Drama and Panache!

Transitional Space and Hallway Before and After: Finishing on a High Note!

Before, my transition wall was only 8 feet tall.
With the addition of wall panels, moulding, and trims, my transition wall now reaches a full 9 feet high!

Striking Architectural Detail is the Superstar of the Hallway and Transitional Space.

Sponsor Highlight: Artfully Walls

Dainty and bold prints elevate my glossy white walls with a delightful gallery feel.

Sponsor Highlight: Emtek

Matte black hardware details create striking contrast throughout my “Height of Modern Cottage” design.

That’s a Wrap!! My “Height of Modern Cottage” Design is Complete! Woohoo!!

It’s been so fun to share in the One Room Challenge for their 10th anniversary! A big CONGRATULATIONS to all my fellow designers who took part in the One Room Challenge this Fall 2022. We did it!

If you loved watching my “Height of Modern Cottage” design story, be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my future designs. I’m always posting new exciting window treatments, full interior designs, and more!

This has been the biggest design journey I’ve ever gone on! If you are inspired by my design and want to connect with me further, reach out to me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

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A Special Thank You to My All-Star Team!

I couldn’t possibly have pulled off a design of this size and ambition all on my own in 8 weeks! Here are all the amazing people who helped make my “Height of Modern Cottage” dream come true!

Steve Hersh

My electrician, custom metal worker, and my overall handy guy (oh, yeah, and he’s my husband)!

Bill Mott

Master carpenter in charge of building…well, everything!

Martin Beebee

My incredible photographer! Martin has been instrumental for me when it comes to taking gorgeous, magazine-worthy pictures of my designs.

Taryn Pearce

My marketing specialist and content creator! Her services were many for my One Room Challenge. She is professional in every way and her creative advice has been invaluable! We have a collaborative super power working together and this ORC journey was so special.

Professional photography by Martin Beebee