How to Use Custom Bedding to Create a Designer Look for Your King Bed

custom king bedding

Tailored bedding is an ideal way to brighten the look of your entire bedroom. Imagine making your king-sized bed every morning with features that have been custom-made just for you. With custom bedding, your king-sized bed can look like it came straight out of a magazine. What a luxurious way to start and end your day!

The beauty of custom-made bedding is that there are infinite options. You can choose a modern, sleek design in simple colors, or a cozy, plush design full of ornate pillows and textured fabric – and everything in between.

While there are endless options, here is one way to create a beautiful designer look for your king-sized bed. As you think about how to design your perfect custom bedding, use this list as a guideline as well as a starting point for your imagination.

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Custom Bedding Ideas for a King-Sized Bed:

Comforter, Duvet Cover, Fitted Bedspread:

The fabric and style you choose for this major piece of bedding will act as the foundation for your bed’s overall look. For example, a sleek, fitted bedspread can help you get a modern look. If you desire some versatility, a reversible comforter in multiple fabrics might be the best option. Or maybe you’d rather select a duvet cover with a ruffled or corded edge to add some eye-catching detail.

All mattresses are different, which means that your bedding will need to be measured, cut, and designed specifically to suit its exact shape and size. Bed frames are also taken into consideration when designing your comforter to ensure that your finished product perfectly fits your bed’s specific needs.

When you work with a designer to custom-make your bedspread, comforter, or duvet cover you can achieve a look that is both beautiful and functional. The options are truly endless, which makes the process of selecting the perfect fabric and style fun and exciting.

custom shamsEuro Shams:

A Euro sham is a decorative square pillow covering for 26” pillows that traditionally sit behind your front pillow shams. A total of three Euro shams work very well for a king-sized bed. These pillows are meant to add volume and act as the back layer of your pillow design. Choose plush, full pillow forms to fill these shams.

Your sleeping pillows are meant to go underneath your comforter with the Euro shams sitting on top. This adds height and dynamic appeal to the look of your bed.

farmhouse bedroomFront Shams:

These shams are the stars of your layout. Along with the fabric you choose for your bedspread, comforter, or duvet cover, the fabric on your front shams provides direction for the rest of the room.

These shams are likely to be in a print as opposed to a solid color. They may repeat an important fabric in the room, such as the fabric chosen for your window treatments, or they may contain all the colors present in the design of the room.

Your front shams are an opportunity to choose a fancy fabric, or fun trims. For a special touch, you can add a ruffle, decorative cording, or banded edge to these pillows.

Two king shams or three standard shams will look best on your king-sized bed. The edging you choose is what really makes these shams stand out in your specific style. For example, a ruffled edge achieves a casual farmhouse look, whereas a flanged, tailored edge gives the pillows a contemporary look.

Accent Pillows:

You can do so many things with accent pillows! They can be made in many shapes and sizes, different colors, patterns, and textures. You can add details like buttons, a ribbon detail edge, or decorative cording.

For a finishing touch, choose a single central accent pillow to pull it all together. This is your opportunity to have some real fun and choose a more expensive, decorative trim, as you are only using it for one pillow.

Often two more pillows are chosen to sit in between the front shams and the central accent pillow. You may prefer two 20” square pillows, or perhaps two 16” x 20” pillows to compliment your smaller central pillow.

Allow your creativity to shine when you choose your accent pillows. The more pillows you have, the fuller your bed will look. You can go simple and modern, bold and whimsical or anything in between. The sky is the limit!

rods for drapesBed Skirt:

A bed skirt in the perfect fabric and color ties the whole look together. A ruffled bed skirt accomplishes a casual look, while a pleated bed is best for a modern, tailored look. When you work with a designer, they will help guide you toward the style that suits your needs best and will also ensure that your bed skirt fits your specific box spring and bed frame.

Throw Blanket:

Another beautiful finishing touch is to have a custom-made throw blanket in coordinating fabric and trim. It’s fun to play with fabric texture and trims for your decorative blanket. You can even create a bed scarf that has a quilted batting layer if you’d like a little volume and a cozy feel.

custom pillow shams

Custom Bedding Designed to Make You Feel Right at Home

When you choose to design custom bedding, you give yourself the gift of a beautiful morning and evening. Whether you have a king, queen, twin, or full-sized mattress, your tailored bedding should be just the way you like it.

Every time you look at your luxurious comforter, touch your plush pillows, or get comfy under your tailor-made throw blanket, you will know that it perfectly suits your style, and was created just for you.

If you are in the Folsom, El Dorado Hills, or Placerville area and want beautiful tailored bedding perfect for your style, contact Keely at Right at Home Interiors today to schedule your in-home consultation.