Cottage style baking center in Placerville featuring, before, during and after photos

Placerville Interior Designer

 In this before photo you can see there is nothing but a blank wall where the soon to be “dream baking center” will be built.

cottage style baking center

Here is the new cottage style baking center with all the details and features I need to bake for the holidays! Next I will show you the building process with a photo story.

cottage baking center before

Here is the wall open with the new electrical wires for the oven and outlets. We also plumbed the wall for a farmhouse sink.

custom kitchen cabinets

Test fitting the new custom cabinets was an exciting day. Bill Mott built the cabinets to my specks. He is great carpenter and fun to work with.

marble countertops

Here you see Stokes Granite and Stone installing the beautiful marble counter tops.

granite counter tops installations

Just what I always wanted, the perfect beautiful marble counter tops to bake on.

tile backsplash

Next I did a practice layout of my intricate tile back-splash on the deck to get it just right.

tile back-splash installation

This was a challenging backsplash to install in every way, but I was very methodical and paid attention to the pattern to get it just right.

interior design placerville

The lay out turned out perfect even into the corner and under the window.

kitchen design placerville

Again here is the after photo! Quite a change to this once blank wall. I will do a lot of baking, with a healthy twist, in the years to come in my beautiful baking center.

custom window treatments placerville

This is the main corner where I mix ingredients for my next delicious treat. 

cottage kitchen oven

For the area over the oven, I wanted it to be cute and a fun display area for baking stands and pie plates.

country kitchen placerville

Here is the hidden electrical outlet strip my wonderful husband installed for me. This allowed me to have no outlets in my beautiful backsplash. This makes all the difference in letting the backsplash details shine through.

antique kitchen

I have a collection of antique jars to store my baking supplies and had Bill Mott build the perfect style shelves to hold them. The little round black balls following the curves of the shelf brackets are special iron nails that I knew would be a fun detail.

kitchen redesign

Here is a final photo showing my Baking center project. I planned the details and saved up the money for this project for years and you can too.

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